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It’s Pie Week!

by Lowri Jenkins

Apparently, it’s Pie Week. Let’s ignore the fact it was organised by a pasty company so they could get rich, and instead celebrate a dearly-loved delicacy, stodgy and silly!

Planning and preparing my food has been one of my biggest comforts during the pandemic. And what better comfort food than a pie! I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge British pie fan – they’re so heavy they make me fall asleep and all the fillings are pretty meaty and heavy – but I do love many members of the pie family, from sausage rolls to tarts to quiches…you know me, I’m fancy.

Here are a few of my favourite members of the pie family…..hopefully you’ll get some inspiration for some recipes or orders to make during March, ahead of some opening up of restrictions.

The American Dream

When I travelled to the US, I discovered that if you talk about pie, it is always sweet – a bit strange when in the UK, pie is savoury: steak and kidney, leek and potato. But damn those American pies are good! A friend took me to a place called “Pie Hole” in LA and we gorged ourselves. I felt like Agent Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks – with a slice of cherry pie and a damn good cup of coffee. Then we had a warming Mexican spiced chocolate, then a slice of a fresh summery key lime pie, I fell in love. I have to confess I would choose an American pie over a British one every day of the week.

British Pie Week

But is is “British” pie week…so let’s look a little closer to home.


It’s hard not to love a pasty. My Cornish friends tell me that how you make your pasty says a lot about who you are. Do you crimp it in the middle (Devon way, madness apparently) or flat, on the side (Cornish, proper, easier to eat)? Is it a classic steak and onion filling, a cheese and onion (my personal fave) or a cheeky vegan vegetable medley? I bow down to the Philps, the Cornish Original – you can order online and get pasties sent to your door!

Sausage rolls, puff, filo…getting creative

When does a pasty become a pastry? There are so many close cousins to the pie that can be celebrated this week. You can make a very nice savoury or sweet tarte tatin with puff pastry that you can buy in the fridge section of the supermarket – it comes in round or square shapes, depending on your dish. Just roast your veg with oil and spices in the oven and cover with rolled out puff pastry – then flip it over. For the fruit version: oven-bake plums, apples or pears, cut in half of quarters, with a bit of sugar and butter – and some cinnamon if you’re me. Then cover the fruit with the the rolled out puff pastry and watch it cook til is golden brown and puffy! If you’re feeling brave you could even try a sausage roll (I’m not ready for that…) Special shout out to the Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll – I don’t know if that counts as a pie, but it’s in the pie family, and it’s lush. And an easy one to order!

What makes a good pie?

But this just one woman’s opinion.

I guess when it’s comfort you need, pastry filled with anything is yummy.

What’s makes a good pie? Is there one I’ve forgotten? And what is your absolute favourite?

Lowri Jenkins is the Communications Co-ordinator at Stay Up Late and a pie fan

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