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Last year at Stay Up Late we launched our Manifesto For An Ordinary Life

Even though all of the things in the manifesto would be seen as completely ordinary for most people we know that when it comes to people with learning disabilities this is very often not the case. We know there are so many obstacles to overcome, so much red tape to cut through and so much discrimination to confront – all so that people can lead an ordinary life.

We also know that we have our work cut out in making our manifesto a reality not just a dream.

That is why we are launching our Stay Up Late Campaign Ambassadors. Members of our Storm & Thunder Team will be talking about this at our (un)Ordinary Conference in London on 26th March, along with our friends at Stay Up Late Scotland.

The idea of Campaign Ambassadors will be:

1. Giving people with learning disabilities a strong voice in campaigning to change the things that get in the way of having an ordinary life.

2. Linking up existing campaigns and advocacy groups with passionate people around the country who want to make a difference.

3. Building up a powerful UK network to help turn the Manifesto For An Ordinary Life from a dream into a reality. We are looking for people with disabilities who want to work with us to help change things for the better.

Campaigning could include:

– Taking part in events in your area

– Making videos and using Facebook and Twitter

– Talking to other likeminded people about your ideas

– Getting your housing management, local council or local venues to support our Manifesto

– Talking to people about Stay Up Late and encouraging others to get involved

Different people have different skills

These are some of the skills that would help make someone become a good Campaign Ambassador. Remember, you don’t have to have them all!

– Friendly and approachable

– Good at getting things done

– Interested in what’s going on

– Interested in learning new things

– Easy to talk to

– Good at talking to other people

– Interested in the work of Stay Up Late and helping people have more choices about how they live their life

Get in touch!

If you are interested in becoming a Stay Up Late Campaign Ambassador or if the group you are involved with is interested in working alongside Stay Up Late as part of a network of campaigners then please get in touch.

Email Darren at

Darren Johnson – Campaigns Co-ordinator, Stay Up Late

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