Become a Stay Up Late Ambassador!

Do you have a learning disability and/or autism?

Do you like the work we do at Stay Up Late and Gig Buddies?

Do you feel passionate about people with a learning disability having their voices heard?

If so, perhaps you would like to become a Stay Up Late Ambassador!

What does a Stay Up Late Ambassador do?

Our Ambassadors are the people who help us spread the word and tell people about our campaigns. Before lockdown our Ambassadors were doing things like speaking at conferences, taking part in discussion workshops and giving out flyers and stickers at gigs and club nights.

What have Ambassadors been doing during lockdown?

Even during lockdown our Ambassadors have been busy – writing blogs, taking part in online events and even talking on the radio!

We’ve been having regular fortnightly meetings on Zoom. We’ve had guest speakers. We’ve heard from legal experts at the law firm Leigh Day as well as the team from Heart n Soul talking about their research project on public attitudes to people with learning disabilities. It’s also an opportunity for Ambassadors around the country to catch up, share news and have fun.

What kind of things do Ambassadors campaign on?

Our Manifesto for an Ordinary Life includes things like:

  • The right to decide how I spend my time and when I go to bed
  • The right to fall in love and have relationships
  • The right to a paid job
  • The right to have a say in who supports me

Before lockdown began our ambassadors were also very busy with our #NoBedtimes campaign – we can’t wait to start campaigning on that again so watch this space!

Get involved!

Let us know if you would like to be an Ambassador for Stay Up Late. There’s more information about getting involved here

If you would like to become an Ambassador for Stay Up Late please contact

Meet our team of Ambassadors

You can read more about all of our current ambassadors here

Recent Comments

  • Jessica Levesque

    Friday, 14 Aug, 2020

    How to be a motivational speaker
    Hi my name is Jessica Levesque I am a woman with high functioning form of autism. I also suffer from anxiety. I also have polycystic ovarian syndrome. those are just little parts of me. I am a entertainer.I am a Actress ,a singer in a band called Universal mind , A dancer, and I am also activist. I’m very vocal about our disability community because when it comes to opportunities in the entertainment business we need more of that. especially with community inclusion.But I am also very vocal about having a dating life and being able to express and show people that you can have a meaningful relationships when it comes to having a dating life relationships. I have my fair share of not having relationships as well and A lot of them didn’t work out well. But yeah my heart is set on having a relationship and A marriage In the future But there’s also problems when it comes to marriage because of Social Security. And it’s not fair because I want to be like everybody else and if the seniors are able to still continue to get their benefits and remain married to their spouses why can’t we. we need to have equal marriage rights just as much as they do.But my heart is definitely set on Mostly having a committed relationship and marriage . But yeah things have been really hard for me during this pandemic so if you have any information on how I can get involved in becoming a motivational speaker please let me know


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