ADHD Awareness Month: Living with ADHD by Victoria Smith

October is ADHD Awareness Month. Stay Up Late is marking this special month with some awareness-raising blogs from Victoria Smith. Here, Victoria shares her own story and has an important message to anyone with ADHD that they are not on their own.

Living with ADHD by Victoria Smith

What is ADHD?

Well, ADHD I’ve had live with it since I was 7 years old. The doctor told my mum I had it. I can’t remember much of it just seeing lots of the doctor asking me stuff. I remember being in a classroom and not able to stay on task or sit still for 5 minutes and the classroom I was in had lots of kids in there and I couldn’t handle big groups at a young age. When I was young I also had speech problems and I had therapy for it. But the whole word ADHD means Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

School Life

It is very hard to explain the whole words so I explain it as being very hard for me to stay on task and do a task. I went to a special needs school from the age of 7 years old to 16 years old. The older I got I found it hard to able to listen to the teacher and do the task on hand but having support at the school I managed to overcome things. At the end of my school year I got a GSCE in History which I am so proud to this day. But friendship was really hard at school, too. I was having lots of falls out. But I have meds to help me stay focused on tasks and for me to able to stay still as well. But I would says my behaviour was a challenge at school as I would get in trouble a lot but now looking back at it I laugh about it.

College Life

College was harder for me I would say as I was 19 years old at this point so into adulthood. I would say being an adult with it has meant more things where I have to control myself – like staying on task at college for a very long time and listening and watching what I said. Some days at college were very long days for me. Some days I would get up at 6am and wouldn’t get home until 7pm. So it would be very tiring for me to focus on lots of things – from getting the bus or train to college from learning new things, too. But I would say whatever I did at college was down to my action and what I did.

Message from Victoria

This month is ADHD awareness month and I really hope listening to me will help others see that they are not on their own. Doing research on this opened my eyes more and my understanding. But don’t believe in everything you read because it is really down to each person themselves.

Want more information on ADHD?

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