A Quick Catch Up With Italia 90

With our ‘Total Bollocks 2’ fundraiser fast approaching we spoke to headliners Italia 90 to find out more about the band and why they were so keen to support the campaign. Here’s what they had to say…….

Can you tell us a bit about how Italia 90 got together?

We’re all from around Brighton and met at school, so some of us have known each other for 20 years. We chatted about starting a band for years before ever actually getting something together about 3 years ago.

Many of your songs seem to deal with issues around social injustice. Can you tell us a little about what inspires you to write?

A lot of our songs are essentially responses to current events both local and international, so the content of our songs is led by the existence of rampant social injustice rather than the other way around. We try to use specific events as a way into discussing broader political ideas and applying those ideas to the event.

Why are the band so keen to support the Stay Up Late/Gig Buddies fundraiser in November?

Being able to go out and enjoy a full social life is a right that should be afforded to everyone, so we believe it’s important that people who need support in achieving this are able to access that support beyond the allotted time afforded to them by support workers. People with learning disabilities are given a level of autonomy when they are able to determine how they spend their evenings and where they socialise, and this enriches every other area of life so we’re happy to be on board!

What should the audience expect from an Italia 90 live show?

We mainly try to have fun when we play live, and audience participation is encouraged!

It promises to be a memorable night with great line-up that also includes Asbo Derek, The Golgis, 2 Decks and Vince Venus!

Book your tickets here to avoid disappointment! See you there


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