A night of paradise


I’ve just been going through all the papers from our recent trip to Malta and found the fantastic lyrics to the song which Daniel Wakeford, Berhana Wells and Susanna Hall-Hirst wrote and performed at the festival (and featuring Aldean Blaire)










Here’s the song:

A night of paradise

We are going out tonight

All the stars are so bright

The sun is setting over the sea

why don’t you come along with me

A night of paradise [Aldean]


Just imagine all of the colours

We are enjoyed with that

restaurant, we enjoyed the food,

Someone’s enjoying for us. [Berhanna & Susannah]


The night was only just imagined.

We are walking together,

To look at the sea,

This is when sailing night, and this is magical.


A night of paradise,

A summer night so beautiful

Rushing through our mind.

The darkness is so dreamy

Malta on a paradise night.

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