That’s Not My Name – new Heavy Load single about Hate Crime

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  •  06/06/2011
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Heavy Load are releasing a re-worked version of the Ting Ting’s No.1 hit to coincide with Learning Disability week.

Heavy Load say “we’re fed up with hearing people like Jeremy Clarkson using words like ‘retard’ and Frankie Boyle’s offensive jokes. So many words of hate are in common use on TV, across playgrounds and in work places. Heavy Load have approached the Ting Tings to radically change the lyrics – and they love the idea:

“They call me spaz, they call me special, That’s Not My Name”

Heavy Load say “we’ve deliberately used the words that are so common because we want to make it clear what we’re singing about”

The single gets released through the band’s own label on 21st June ’11

Recent Comments

  • angryfinland

    Wednesday, 15 Jun, 2011

    Looking forward to hearing the song. I really like the attitude that the lyrics seem to put across. I am doing what I can to spread the word 🙂

  • Jenny Flowerdew

    Friday, 10 Jun, 2011

    I really value keepimg in touch with the campaigns you are involved in. As an employee in a support service I am kept up to date with what people are thinking about. I find the language thing really difficult – of course language should not be offensive and i really object to groups of people being the targeted and the subject of ridicule. What Heavey Load does for me is keeps a group of people who can be ignored in the public’s eye in a positive way. Can’t wait to hear the song.


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