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3 Reasons why Learning-Disabled People Should Stay out Later
They have fun too

The fact that people with learning disabilities are forced to go home early from many live music venues, as well as recreational experiences in general is purely a result of their staff going home early. This has nothing to do with the issue that learning-disabled people want to go home early; rather, they want to actively participate in many different forms of entertainment at all hours. They should not have to be stifled in cultural gains solely because their staff has to go home early; they are entitled to a night out as well. Additionally, the fact that Heavy Load contains members that also have learning disabilities is telling, in the fact that their members stay out late in order to entertain and benefit the cause. It is obvious that there is nothing preventing this aside from the different staff that works with learning-disabled people. Therefore, it should be noted that at least once in a while, people with learning disabilities enjoy taking time off to relax and stay out later to enjoy music or other sources of entertainment.
To prove that others can do the same
Once so many people with learning disabilities are able to petition the right to stay out later, more and more will join the rally for this cause. After the inclusion of one learning-disabled person, more will be encouraged to get their staff to stay out later at least once a month. One reason for the early nights could be related to the fact that many staff feel their patrons will not be able to handle a late night. As soon as it is obvious that staying out later does not negatively affect their well-being, it should therefore be concluded that some staff members should stay out later to allow learning-disabled people to do the same.
Promote their cause
Many citizens are not aware of the trials and tribulations that people with learning disabilities undergo throughout their life and causes such as these assist in relaying the message to others. For example, if you happen to work with a learning-disabled person, you may not understand their need for a type of “freedom” in which they are allowed to stay out late, or do what they want to do. Causes such as these help to relaying this message of freedom to people who otherwise would not understand the reasoning for this type of benefit. Heavy Load has spent a lot of time and money investing into this particular cause, and once more people begin to recognize this effort and change their ways, it will be a domino effect, leading to even more people staying out later.
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Claire Webber

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