1205 miles cycled and then disaster strikes! A tale of woe and heroism

  •  PaulR
  •  01/09/2018
  •  News

We need to share this sorry tale of heroism and woe with you.

Last month Sian and Michael, two of our much loved community fundraisers set off from their home in Hove to cycle all the way to Oslo in Norway.

That’s 1255 miles!

We’ve been enjoying reading their updates and exploits on social media and then this week we heard the news that just 50 miles from their destination Sian had her bike stolen.

She couldn’t replace it easily either as it was specially adapted to fit their luggage.

Can you imagine their frustration? They’d cycled all that way, how sore their bums and legs must have been and then to come out in to the street and find somebody had stolen their bike?

And to make matters worse, because their schedule was interrupted they were delayed for their flight which meant £700 for a new flight home, and £700 for a new bike.

Sian and Michael are still smiling though and after all they have just cycled 1205 miles (and from the map it looks like it was uphill all the way!) Not just that but they’ve also helped raise £395 to support our Gig Buddies project.

So this little post is to pay tribute to these two intrepid cyclists who have truly gone the extra mile for us (if not the extra 50 they’d hoped for at the end).

If you want to show some support and solidarity for all they’ve been through here’s a link to their fundraising page:


And here’s a little video some of the Storm and Thunder Team made to cheer them on their way

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