Promoting the right for people with learning disabilities to have a choice about how they live their lives


Check out some of the upcoming events below…

Wildbunch - Islington, 30th Sep '14

Wildbunch – still only £5 after 17 years…! And now on 30th NOT the 10th Sep!

Funky Llama - Plymouth, 17th Oct '14

They’re looking for performers right now. Check out this link Performers Application, they can pay some expenses too.

Kiss My Disco - Crowborough, 22nd Oct '14

This is our 25th Kiss My Disco night, blimey that’s a lot of dancing…

The Only Way is Vibrance - Brentwood, 19th Oct '14

Celebrate 25 years of Vibrance with them, and when the clock strikes 12 it’s party time…!

John Renbourn - Hove, 7th Nov '14

Stay Up Late presents a fundraiser with the amazing and lovely guitar playing genius John Renbourn…